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CHANGE PAIN is an innovative education programme from Grünenthal, a research based pharmaceutical company that specialises in the management of pain.

It is a non promotional web based education programme with learning modules already available. It incorporates the latest digital technology to make it easy and rewarding to use.

The objective of CHANGE PAIN is to engage...

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New in ‘Useful Tools’

Users can now find a Localized Neuropathic Pain (LNP) Screening Tool. Which provides advice on clinical signs and symptoms associated with LNP via a simple questionnaire along with guidance on sensory testing, investigations and dermatomal distributions.

Mini module number 3: Chronification of Pain

Join over 1,100 colleagues who have started one of the first two mini modules so far. Chronification of pain is another bite sized education module, now live on CHANGE PAIN.

Case study: Rheumatoid Arthritis

The second case study is now live on CHANGE PAIN. Authored by Dr A Moorthy, it presents the case of a typical elderly RA patient.

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