Helen & Douglas House

For each successfully completed module we will
donate £10 to Helen and Douglas House Charity.


Full Colour In Aid Of

CHANGE PAIN are now working with Helen & Douglas House Charity.  We will be donating £10 to the charity for every successfully completed module on CHANGE PAIN.
Helen & Douglas House are extremely passionate in what they do as a charity and are very excited to be working with Grünenthal.

  • Helen & Douglas House cares for terminally ill children, young adults and their families through exceptional hospice care.
  • They provide medical, emotional and practical support, helping families deal with the implications of living with a child who will die prematurely, so they can make the most of their time together.
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CHANGE PAIN is now mobile optimised

CHANGE PAIN has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of new web technology and be fully compatible with all modern smart phones and tablets. Why not visit CHANGE PAIN from your smart phone and see how it looks?

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Back in ‘Education Modules’

Professor Tony Dickenson provided a video lecture on pain and its control. You can view this module in the Education Modules section of CHANGE PAIN. Once you’ve viewed the video there are 12 questions to complete, by passing you will receive a certificate of achievement which will be available at any time in your PDP area.

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CHANGE PAIN now has a new refreshed design with some important improvements to navigating its content. Next to each specific piece of content, you will see a pair of icons. The pink icon refers to content that is mainly related to ‘acute’ pain and the blue icon refers to content that is mainly related to ‘chronic’ pain. When both icons are highlighted next to the content, the information is relevant to both ‘acute’ and ‘chronic’ pain.

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Localised Neuropathic Pain (Video)

Learn how to make the most of the Localised Neuropathic Pain Tool with the help of our new informative video. The video will walk you through the tool and explain the benefits of using it with your patients.

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New in ‘Videos’

Professor Andrew Moore, the Oxford based, internationally renowned expert in appraising evidence and how to make it meaningful, discusses evidence based medicine in this short 15 part video series.

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New in ‘Useful Tools’

Users can now find a Localized Neuropathic Pain (LNP) Screening Tool which provides advice on clinical signs and symptoms associated with LNP via a simple questionnaire along with guidance on sensory testing, investigations and dermatomal distributions.

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Six new downloadable images have been added to the Image Library.

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CHANGE PAIN Image Library

Over 30 downloadable images and slides are now available in the new Image Library. Use them to add a presentations and other educational materials.

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February 2016, UK/C15 0032