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  • Severe chronic pain is multi-factorial and requires an holistic approach in the deivery of patient care
  • Pain treatments are less likely to be effective unless patients' indivudal treatment goals are addressed
  • Better understanding of the mechanisms of pain - neuropathic, nociceptive and mixed - will optimise pharmacological management
  • Pharmacological treatment is often limited by lack of efficacy and/or side effects (vicious circle). How to to balance analgesia with adverse events

CHANGE PAIN is an innovative education programme from Grünenthal, a research based pharmaceutical company that specialises in the management of pain.

It is a non promotional web based education programme with learning modules already available. It incorporates the latest digital technology to make it easy and rewarding to use.

The objective of CHANGE PAIN is to engage...

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Back in 'Education Modules'

Professor Tony Dickenson provided a video lecture on pain and its control. You can view this module in the Education Module section of CHANGE PAIN. Once you've viewed the video there are 12 questions to complete, by passing you will receive a certificate of achievement which will be available at any time in your PDP area.

CHANGE PAIN is now mobile optimised

CHANGE PAIN has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of new web technology and be fully compatible with all modern smart phones and tablets. Why not visit CHANGE PAIN from your smart phone and see how it looks?

New in 'Useful Tools'

The Breakthrough Cancer Pain Assessment Tool (BAT) comprises of 14 short simple questions; nine of the questions relate to the pain per se, and five questions relate to the pain treatment. These questions can be used as an outcome measure to quantify breakthrough cancer pain. 

New in 'Videos'

Professor Andrew Moore, the Oxford based, internationally renown expert in appraising evidence and how to make it meaningful, discusses evidence based medicine in this short 15 part video series.