CHANGE PAIN® was initiated by Grünenthal in 12 European countries in 2009 and has since been endorsed by the European Pain Federation EFIC. Since the initiative was launched 10 years ago, CHANGE PAIN has reached more than 65,000 healthcare professionals with various educational activities.

The original goal of the initiative was to understand the needs of pain patients and develop solutions to improve the management of pain. Since its inception, CHANGE PAIN has therefore focussed on the following three areas: Research (patient and physician surveys), publications (in journals such as the CMRO) and education (on pain physiology and treatment options using various eLearning modules and eBooks).

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by improving pain management through adequate research, communication and education.


Generate actionable insights into patients’ and HCPs needs

Generate new evidence on pathophysiology and management of pain



Communicate findings in scientific publications

Disseminate the latest scientific findings and information

Inform clinical decision making


Improve knowledge on pain physiology, diagnosis, and management among healthcare professionals

Improve knowledge on patients’ self-management

Translate scientific information for patients

About Change Pain