The objective of CHANGE PAIN is to engage all healthcare professionals with an interest in pain management and share knowledge to advance the management of patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. The website provides information on acute, chronic and post-operative pain. The programme is designed to provide education around the following key learning points:

  • Severe chronic pain is multi-factorial and requires a holistic approach in the delivery of patient care
  • Pain treatments are less likely to be effective unless patients’ individual treatment goals are addressed
  • Better understanding of the mechanisms of pain – neuropathic, nociceptive and mixed – will help optimise pharmacological management
  • Pharmacological treatment is often limited by lack of efficacy and/or side effects (vicious circle). How to balance analgesia with adverse events

Many international and national experts, clinical and non-clinical, have either presented CHANGE PAIN in the UK and/or contributed to the educational content:

Chronic and acute pain patients have assessed the relevance of the content from the patient’s perspective to truly achieve the highest utility of this educational programme.

February 2016, UK/C16 0006